Quivering Daughters: 5 Stars

Hillary isn’t talking about how “some” daughters are abused, but the reality that being part of the system itself IS the abuse!

via Quivering Daughters: 5 Stars.

I am so happy for creation of this book. Sometimes how I feel about the way I grew up is hard to explain to people because they can’t see how it would be harmful. They say, “I wish my parents had protected me more, be grateful.”. Teaching girls that they have no purpose beyond the home, that they have no ownership over their own lives and depriving them of the self-knowledge that comes through experience is an atrocity against their soul!

Thank you thatmom and Hillary for speaking out!!


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Woman, wife, mother of daughters, expat, former fundamentalist, reader and bunny-trailer par excellence. I dream of taking women's studies and becoming a women's health nurse, among other things :-)
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One Response to Quivering Daughters: 5 Stars

  1. Thank you for your kind words. ❤
    Blessings to you.


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