I saw an attempted assault yesterday. I heard a woman cry out indignant and afraid so I turned to see. A guy was grabbing at her clothes, she was backing away looking for escape. Another guy stepped in and pushed the attackers hands down and then held him back with his whole body. The attacker struggled and strained nearly escaping his grasp, reaching for the woman.

I was in a taxi, driving by, I watched as long as I could. It seems she was OK for the moment, they were on a busy street, but does she know the implications of this? Does she know she needs to get somewhere safe now? Is she able to leave this guy at all? Does she have a resource for hiding safely if she needs it? How will she live with the fear? Does she know she doesn’t deserve that treatment?

I am writing about my abuse, a heavy subject. The same day I saw the attempted assault we had been at a large palace museum that is famous for it’s harem. It has all sort of congealed into a seething anger. I posted about it on Facebook and people’s responses were fearful. I had to post again to explain I am not fearful, I am angry!

I am angry that women are the property of men.* I am angry that “good” women are protected and “bad” women get what they deserve. I am angry that domestic violence is extremely common. I am angry that women are deprived of opportunities and stuck at home. I am angry that men think they have the right to oogle my body just because it is there. I am angry that men think it is cute to ask if they can “have” one of my daughters.

I am also sad at the loss of love and trust between men and women. I like men. My husband is my best friend. I love my fathers, brothers, uncles. There cannot be genuine love and respect when women exist only for men’s domestic and sexual pleasure.

*Note: I live outside the US where these attitudes are common, whatever the official laws say.


About soffiasoul

Woman, wife, mother of daughters, expat, former fundamentalist, reader and bunny-trailer par excellence. I dream of taking women's studies and becoming a women's health nurse, among other things :-)
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One Response to Witness

  1. prairienymph says:

    I am angry too! I have lived in other lands and cultures, and ironically, it was spending time in rural India that opened my eyes to the subtle way that women are veiled in my own Canadian culture. I am still learning that I am a normative person.

    I also love men 🙂

    That human/inhuman? spirit of dominance, superiority, fear, insecurity… that we must replace.

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