Same Road, Different Place

This is Soffia Soul, changing with the wending of the road of life. Using journey here seems cliché, no it IS cliché, but waiting until a more brilliant word picture springs to mind will take too long :). My journey or whatever, has me no longer around homeschoolers. I will be writing less about the homeschooling movement and my past in interest of looking forward and building on what has begun in my soul.

Since I began this blog we have moved to another country even further from home where we plan to stay until my husband finishes school. Life has been very very full and very very good. I feel alive and strong, each day a challenge to rise to and bedtime both early and refreshing. However, intellectual pursuits such as reading and writing have been on the back burner. I love reading and writing but you have to sit or at least be still to do it!

This year in blogging I would like to track my journey to educate myself on the ins and out of feminism with a goal of growing personally and applying it contextually in another culture. What is feminism? What does it me to me? How does it apply in this culture?

It is going to be a good year!


About soffiasoul

Woman, wife, mother of daughters, expat, former fundamentalist, reader and bunny-trailer par excellence. I dream of taking women's studies and becoming a women's health nurse, among other things :-)
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