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Two years ago I began asking if feminist was a label for me. The answer has been a gradual dawning, awakening more questions. What is feminism? What does it mean to call yourself a feminist? Why is it so controversial? … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Thought

I had a beautiful thought the other day. What if this large, mostly conservative city had as many women’s centers like this: A Long Walk Home as they do “erotik shopes”? Here is more about the Girl/Friends art therapy program.

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It Wasn’t

Brief housekeeping here: I promise not every post will be about abuse This one is though, you’ve been warned ;-P Last night I awoke to the sound of screaming. I thought it was in my house. I thought it was … Continue reading

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I saw an attempted assault yesterday. I heard a woman cry out indignant and afraid so I turned to see. A guy was grabbing at her clothes, she was backing away looking for escape. Another guy stepped in and pushed … Continue reading

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**Please note: this post is intense and contains information that is painful to read. Dr. Dobson’s Dare to Discipline brings back some painful memories for me, not because of anything directly related to it though. We had and still have … Continue reading

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Quivering Daughters: 5 Stars

Hillary isn’t talking about how “some” daughters are abused, but the reality that being part of the system itself IS the abuse! via Quivering Daughters: 5 Stars. I am so happy for creation of this book. Sometimes how I feel … Continue reading

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Babywise, our teacher told us, was what Bill Gothard required her to teach. As a practicing midwife she had serious reservations about doing so. She had made an appeal to Mr. Gothard to stop recommending it but he refused. She … Continue reading

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